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  • How long will it take to refinish my floor?
    The easy answer is "it depends", however most refinishing jobs take approximately 4-7 days. There are many variables which can lenghten the process. Larger homes or living spaces, repairs, removals, staining and enhancements will all require additional time. We can give you a more accurate estimate when we complete your in-home evaluation.
  • Can I live in my home and walk on the floor while you are refinishing?
    Some people are able to stay in the home while we complete the job if they have access to amenities without needing to walk on the floor. It is crucial that there is no traffic on the floor from when we start the final sanding process. This is to prevent any contamination to the unprotected wood and to allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality of craftmanship. Normal use of the floor can be expected in 24-72hrs after our final coat of finish depending on which finish is used. Most of our customers do find alternative living arrangements temporarily so we can focus on doing our best to give you amazing results. Each situation is a little different and this may not always be an option, we will do our best to schedule access between coats if absolutely necessary. It may be beneficial to stay with a friend, relative or hotel for a few days.
  • What should I do with all my furniture and stuff?
    When Refinishing we require everything to be off the floor prior to the scheduled start date. You will need to remove all furniture, appliances, electronics, toilets, pedistal sinks and interior doors where work is taking place. Wall fixtures such as breakables and pictures should also be taken down as our equipment can create vibrations and could cause items to fall. Every home is different, but most people can shuffle their items into other rooms or basements/garages. For those who cannot, we can refer you to a quality moving company and would suggest renting a temportary storage unit that can be placed on your driveway or stored offsite until the job is completed. We are first and foremost flooring specialists, therefore we are unable to move contents, detach or reconnect gas lines, electricial and or plumbing on any appliance or fixture. Although we do not offer these services we can arrange and schedule a local certified professional to do so and include the additional cost to your invoice.
  • Does the sanding/finishing process create dust/contaminants in the air?
    The health and safety of our team and of our clients is a top priority. This is why we have invested in top of the line equipment and use high quality eco friendly products to make sure we do not significantly effect air quality. Our dustless sanding service collects 98% of dust and have integrated HEPA filter vacuums. We use low VOC stains, oils and finishes all green certified. There may be a slight scent shortly after coats are applied, but they dissipate quickly.
  • Can you refinish just one small area to match the rest of the floor?
    Yes we can spot repair and match to rest of a site finished floor but this depends on a few factors as to how close of a match we can acheive. When we refinish a floor we keep a file of the exact sanding process and products used so we can provide an exact match when doing a repair down the road if need be. That being said, when doing repairs on existing floors where we dont have this information we can do our best to mimic the same colour and sheen but do not guarentee a 100% exact match. The circumstances involving older aged floors, are that, in time they will patina, darken, amber and or yellow in shade. This is due to light exposure and time. This is an occurance not a colour and therefore difficult to exactly match. We assess each floor on a case to case basis, so please reach out and we can discuss your options further.
  • Can engineered hardwood be refinished?
    It depends on how much wear layer exists on your floor. We offer engineered hardwood with a 3-6mm wear layer which can be refinished 2-4 times before requiring replacement. Unfortunately we do see a lot of what we refer to as "1 life floors" where the engineered wood floor has very thin wear layer not thick enough to accommodate a refinishing. We can usually tell from a few pictures of a board if a engineered floor can be refinished or not. So please feel free to reach out and send us a pic, we will do our best to help!
  • Do the baseboards or quarter round need to be removed?
    Yes. In order to properly sand and finish, we require the baseboards or quarter round to be removed. We do offer this service where we remove, number, bundle and re install them once the floor is complete. At times, very old pieces of wood are prone to breakage, and paint touch ups are likely to be needed after re-installing them, but every bit of caution and care is excercised during the remove and replace process.
  • Part of my floor has water/pet stain damage, will it come out?
    This Depends on the severity of the stain. Majority of the time, stains and or cupping due to water damage can be sanded out. However, If there is a deep stain that has penetrated deep into the wood, we may suggest replacing the damaged boards. On floors that have significant staining throughout, we recommend staining a darker colour to help mask the stains.
  • There are a lot of gaps between my floor boards, what can be done?
    After our first sanding pass we will trowel fill the entire floor with a waterbase filler to fill gaps and small holes, however, because wood is a natural material, seasonal contraction and expansion is expected. Maintaining humidity levels in your home to stay in the "sweet spot" (45%RH) will assist in reducing movement. It is possible for wood filler to be compressed between boards and "walk out". If you notice it, you will want to clean the area. On some older floors with movement we recommend not filling the floor during the refinishing process.
  • Engineered Hardwood or Solid?
    Most of the time this comes down to where the hardwood is being installed and the desired board width. Engineered floors are recommended in below grade and concrete applications as they do not expand and contract like solid wood does so you will not notice seasonal gapping and movement as much as solid wood. However, the lifespan is much shorter for engineered wood due to a much smaller wear layer. Most engineered floors can be sanded 2 times where most solid wood floor up to 7 times. The majority of wide plank hardwood flooring, wider then 5" are engineered. Both types of wood floor require maintained relative humidity year around other wise both can experience problems when moisture levels are to high or to low.
  • Are all engineered floors the same?
    No. Every manufacturer builds their flooring with varying degrees of difference. Some can't be refinished in the future, some can take 2-4 refinishings in their lifetime. The number of layers, backings, composition of materials and thickness of layers can vary between brands. We partner only with quality brands which offer a thick enough wear layer to accomodate at least 2 future refinsihings.
  • Does the new flooring have to acclimate in my home before installation?
    Yes. It is imperative that all of the wood flooring remains in your living space for a good amount of time prior to installation. All of the flooring must be in your home on the level it is being installed. Whether it's engineered or solid, even small amounts needed for repairs need to acclimate to your living conditions. We deliver your flooring 7-14 days prior to your installation to ensure proper moisture levels for your flooring. We take and record measurements of the moisture content on the job site prior to installation to ensure a successful installation.
  • Can I install solid wood floor in my basement?
    We do not recommend it. Sure, some people do it with varying degrees of success, but installing a solid wood floor below grade in our climate can be troublesome due to the large fluctuations in humidity. Moisture problems can arise and wreak havoc on the floor when it is below grade. We would recommend choosing an engineered hardwood or LVP , and YES we sell and install them both!
  • Hardwood vs. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)?
    When considering new hard surface flooring we often are asked Hardwood or LVP? Here is a quick break down. The #1 deciding factor we find is budget. In general a quality Hardwood floor will cost more then any vinyl plank both in material and labour, so there are a few things to consider when deciding. Although a hardwood floor is more expensive upfront, it is a better long term investment as it significantly increases the value of your home. In addition, a professionally installed wood floor will last generations as it can be refinished 2-7 times depending on the material. It is also better for the environment and nothing beats the look and feel of a real wood floor! Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is less expensive option for both material and labour and the turnaround is usually faster. They require less maintenance and is less susceptible to moisture damage. However LVP is what we call a 1 life floor which means once it is damaged or worn it will need to be replaced.
  • What type of subfloor prep is done and is it important?
    Subfloor prep is very important and unfortunately a lot of the time overlooked. The substrate is the foundation of any flooring project and a crucial part of a successful installation. We review a checklist on every job to ensure industry standards and met and manufacture warranties are not void. Moisture readings and site conditions, moisture mediation, levelness, noise and cleanliness are all aspect to consider.
  • Do you remove old flooring such as carpet, tile and sheet vinyl?
    Yes, we remove all types of existing floor and during the removal/demo process, we will have a dump trailer on site and place all materials directly into our trailer leaving your property clean of any debris.
  • What areas do you work in?
    We are proud to service Winnipeg and all surrounding areas. We also travel as far as Kenora and Brandon on occasion. Have a cottage floor that needs some TLC? We would love to help!
  • Do you work weekends?
    We will occasionally work weekends to finish a job if we are behind schedule or to apply a coat of finish, however we do not schedule weekend work with the exception of certain circumstances. This is a labour intensive trade and we are usually booked weeks in advance so we feel it is important to provide sufficient rest for our employees and for them to spend their weekends with their families. Being fully rested is also a big part of how we maintain our high standards of quality and service for all of our clients. Thank you for understanding!
  • What can I expect regarding smell and fumes?
    Great question and one you should ask any floor refinisher you are considering for your project. Oil-based finishes have a very strong smell and lots of fumes and can linger for weeks in your home. There are health concerns too with breathing in some of those fumes for long periods of time. With new water-based finish innovation, we have stopped using these finishes except for the rare request and our company now specializes in three different types of finishes: water-based (single and two component) and Penetrating oils. The stains we use are oil based which have a stronger smell then the finishes but these dissipate fairly quickly and are completely gone by the time we are finished coating the floor. Both water-based and penetrating oil finishes have minimal smell. The water-based finishes have a mild smell when being applied, but it dissipates quickly once dry. When water-based finishes dry, it’s water evaporating—not solvents. The penetrating oil we use also have a minimal smell which is more like a cooking oil then a finish.
  • When can we put back our furniture and area rugs?
    This depends on the type of finish package you choose. Our 2K finish gets to 98% cure in just 24hrs after the final coat which is ready for normal use and furniture to be put back in place. Our 1k finishes can resume light traffic after 24hrs after final coat but we recommend waiting at least 72hrs before putting your furniture back. Our 2k Penetrating oils can also have furniture moved back in place 24hrs after application. When you do finally move your furniture back, please be extra careful. Don’t drag and LIFT all furniture in place. Also, be sure to use felt pads under all furniture. In regards to area rugs, give the floors at least 2-3 weeks to completely cure before moving them back into place. It is also recommended to use a “hardwood safe” floor protector under your rugs.
  • How do I care for my new floors?
    Upon completion of your new refinished floor we will email you a copy of our maintenance and cleaning literature, and provide you with a free cleaning kit. We encourage you to read and implement these suggestions to get the most life out of your new floors.
  • How long will my newly refinished floors last?
    This varies from customer to customer. Do you wear shoes indoors? Do you have pets and maintain their nails? Will you be regularly sweep and clean your floors? Are their high-quality mats at all entrances? Will you use felt pads under furniture and replace them as needed? The answer to the above questions will affect your floor performance. If you are willing to put some effort into keeping your floors in good shape, you may be able to get 15-20 years out of them. However, if you don’t, they may need recoating in just a few short years. It all depends on the amount of care and attention they receive. This is why we cannot say for sure how long your floors will last as it is impossible for us to know how our clients are going to care for them. We strongly recommend you to read and apply the tips in our cleaning and maintenance literature. Following these simple recommendations will ensure your floors will look great for many years to come!


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