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To support local artists, we invited a few to hang their works on our walls. We wanted to offer a place to showcase their talent and help you decorate along with your new floors! All of these works are for sale, you can inquire about pricing and how to purchase by contacting us.


Eddy Kosa

Edward Kosa (KosaArt) was born and raised in Winnipeg and surrounding area in Manitoba, Canada. Growing up was about enjoying country living with his six brothers and sisters. Edward was creative and artistic from a young age, and as time passed it all became about the music. Decades as a drummer and a few tours later, it was time to focus on more than just music to get out the creativity. 

2021 has brought with it, the birth of KosaArt. With much dedication and excitement, this self-taught artist uses acrylics, gesso, and knifes in his style of Acrylic Abstract Expressionism. This affords great flexibility to convey his emotion with colors, and their relationship. 

Edward is a proud father of three children and currently lives in Ste Anne, Manitoba, Canada. 


Pink Panda

Pink Panda (they/them/she/her) is a street artist and painter from Winnipeg, Canada living and working on Treaty 1 Territory. They aspire to create visual works that encourage one to explore the emotions and experiences of thought and feeling that arise in the present moment. Through the use of vibrant colourscapes and intricate line work, Pink Panda hopes to connect us all through their art. They enjoy working with chalk, acrylics, spray paint and UV reactive paints on a variety of surfaces. Exploring these mediums allows the artist to create a variety of aesthetics for the viewer's senses to absorb.

Urban art, music and cartoons have always been a strong influence and inspiration for Pink Panda. When not painting murals or selling their art at various events, they spend the spring and summer months longboarding and leaving chalk drawings to be found around the city or performing live painting “pop-up” installations. The leaving of temporary art is something significant to Pink Panda as it helps keep their mantra “Be in the moment” in focus and practice letting go


Paint Drop Art

Zach Tottle is an abstract artist based in Winnipeg, Canada. He is recognized for his vibrant paintings made using varying techniques within the fluid art practice. Tottle openly shares his painting process and educates people toward colourblind awareness.
There is an engaging open-ended narrative in Zach’s paintings that allows viewers to be suspended in a state of wonder. His bold style incorporates rich colours in an expressive and purposeful way that evokes a certain feeling of mystery from the viewer. His art will uniquely speak to you.”


Justine Barry 

Justine has been fascinated with painting as a genuine pursuit of beauty. Immersing herself with art as an investigation into the sacred. Applying self taught techniques, she mimics the nature around her, often shining light on what’s important and eliminating the unnecessary, leaving untouched space for growth. She is continually fuelled by her life experiences and driven by faith.

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